The User Grid

More detailed information about the different components of the user grid can be found in the following sections:

The user grid lists all Totalview users.

Detailed information for the selected user is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Detailed information includes current presence, appointments and contact info.

The user grid listing can be changed for each user’s individual needs by changing the sorting, hide columns etc.

The current state is shown as colored bars as well as the telephony state is shown in front of the current state.




There is an alerting call on the device


Connection to phone is lost


Do not disturb (DND) is activated


The device is busy


The device is busy and there is one queued call. Shows the number of queued calls.


The device is not monitored. This icon can be hidden in general settings.

Integration with Micosoft Teams is also shown in the user grid.










Do not disturb





Custom made fields make it easy to categorize employees. These categories can be used to filter the list of employees. Filters are listed on the right side of the client.


Call Groups in User List

The Call Groups differ in appearance and are recognizable with the headset icon in front of the Call Group Name.
Furthermore, it is possible to see calls in queues, the number of agents and active agents in the Call Group.

Call groups are a part of the User List with the option to hide them, if needed.

Show/hide Call Groups

Press the Call Group icon button in the upper right corner of the User Grid to show or hide the Call Groups.


Pin Contact or Call Group to top

There are two ways to pin and unpin a Contact and Call Group to the top.

Option one
Hover in the User grid on the right side of the name Column. A pin appears and when pressing the User or Call group will be pinned to the top. To unpin, press on the pin again.
Option two
Right click on a Contact or Contact Group a menu will appear, press “Pin to top”. To unpin right click on the Contact or Call Group and press “Unpin”.

Call Group Details

When selecting a call group in the list, the User Details window changes to the Call Group Details window, and displays the following information:

  • Local extension

  • Number of calls in queue

  • Number of logged in users

  • Available members

    • List of employees that are part of the group and their status (telephone and call group)


Transfer to call group

  • When selecting a call group in the employee overview, users can transfer an active call to that call group as he would to a normal user.