The Totalview System

Totalview functionality mainly covers the three areas – Presence Information, Contact Information and Telephony Control.

The presence information gives the tools to decide what to do when someone tries to get into contact with you or one of you co-workers. The contact information gives the information as to how to get into contact with a person and the Telephony Controls gives the tools to control incoming and outgoing calls.

External connectors are used to extend Totalview functionality and enables the Totalview to communicate with external systems such as PBX’s and calendar systems.

Presence information

Presence information is information about a person’s whereabouts. This is maintained by two tools: Current presence and Appointments.

The current presence is information about where a person is right now. An appointment is a “future presence” and when the start time of the appointment is reached, it will become the new current presence.

Contact information

Contact information is information about how to contact a user. Contact information lists the local phone and optional mobile, work and home numbers. Contact information also lists email addresses and web pages belonging to a user.

Telephony control

Telephone control enables the user to control incoming and outgoing calls. Calls can be answered and cleared or transferred to another person.

Telephony control also enables Totalview to show users current phone state – this includes showing if the phone is idle, has alerting or queued calls or is connected to a call.

External connectors

Totalview uses connectors to communicate with external systems such as Siemens HiPath and Microsoft Exchange. This enables Totalview to get extended presence information and extended call control.

Connectors also enables Totalview to communicate with SMS, to see mobile states and use doorway clients to set presence.