The Phone Settings

The Phone Settings menu item lets the user control various aspects of the actual phone including e.g., Forwarding, DND and Service codes.

The One-Connect call profile settings

The One-Connect call profile gives the user the option to control what device rings on incoming calls, what number to show when calling and decide what to do if a call is not answered.


Call presentation

Local, Mobile, Teams

Select what number to present when calling from your local, mobile or Teams device.

Options are the device number, main, mobile or Teams number or a number in the customers number block.

Incoming calls

Local, Mobile, Teams

Select what devices will ring when a call is to the local, mobile or Teams device

Forward no answer


Valid values are from 1 to 90 sec. Values larger than 90 defaults to 20. Values of 0 deactivates Forward no answer

If the call is not answered within the timeout period, then the call is forwarded to the number in Forward to

Forward to

A local or external number to forward to after timeout is reached. Or VM for forwarding to Voice Mail