Totalview 2021 Release Notes

We are proud to announce Totalview 2021. It offers a variety of new exciting features that we cannot wait to share with you.

1. Totalview Contact Center Client

Lately, we’ve worked seamlessly on improving the way Contact Center agents work, and that’s why we are thrilled to introduce the Totalview Contact Center Client. With the new client, it is effortless to handle queues and call groups. The client is also slimmer than other Totalview Clients, which makes it ideal for Call Center Agents.


1.1 Contact Center Wrap-Up (3CX Only)

With 3CX, it is possible to do wrap up in our Contact Center. When Wrap-up is enabled, an agent will automatically sign out of all queues for the wrap-up duration. It is possible to extend the time if needed.


2.0 New Features for Totalview Smart Clients

Totalview Smart Client users will be excited to hear that our Android and iPhone applications now offer more user-friendly features.

2.1 See Who Is Calling From Totalview Contacts. (iOS Only)

When you receive a call, iOS can check if the caller’s number matches a number in Totalview. If there’s a match, iOS displays the identified contact and highlights Totalview as the source.


2.2 Search for External Contacts in Totalview Contacts

You can now search for external contacts from the Totalview Phonebook, either by phone number or contact name.

2.3 See Call Groups on MyState

You can now easily do queue handling on the home screen. This new feature shows live data on calls in queue and the number of agents logged in a queue. If the queues are left unhandled, the queue will show an Agent Alert.


2.4 Handle Queues and See Live Statistics

It is more user-friendly and seamless to handle queues’ that users are a part of. Besides queue handling, users can now see live statistics on queues such as answered calls, average waiting time etc.


2.5 Dark Mode

We are now introducing Dark Mode for Android users as well. Users can now switch between light and dark mode.


2.6 Minor Bug Fixes

This release also includes additional software fixes to optimize the performance of the application.

3.0 Totalview for Uni-Tel One-Connect Is Here

With our newest release, Totalview 2021, we are proud to announce official support for Uni-tel One-Connect. Totalview now integrates with Uni-tel’s popular Danish PBX solution in terms of call handling, queue control, and call group management.

4.0 Show Call Queue List in Switchboard

It is now possible to see all calls in a queue in the Switchboard Client when using Broadworks.


5.0 Powerful Authentication With Microsoft Office 365

In Totalview 2020, we reimaged the entire authentication architecture to ensure that all data access is secure and easy to manage. Now we take one step further and officially support authentication with Office 365. By doing so, users can now use the same login across multiple different applications.


6.0 Better Time Statistics

Based on your user feedback, we implemented improvements to the Totalview Reports. Most notably, you can see Time change request history in Time Account Change when viewing employees. Plus, we added the possibility to filter resources to give you a better overview.

7.0 More Exciting Features

  • Added call group sign-in/out user right

  • Added details of registration changes in Reports

  • Users can save changes that do not affect total balances pr. day without sending an accepted request in Totalview Time

  • Get a notification via SMS if a certain number of agents are signed out of a queue

  • Call Group filtering on users

  • HR - We added new rights for employee document access

  • HR - Now supports Totalview Authentication with OAuth2

  • Option to auto-update connectors when Totalview server starts

  • In Totalview Switchboard, users now have easier access to their settings, appointments and states

  • PC Client - Added referrer number to Telephony Control

  • Admin – New filter option to server settings added, which controls what people can see in Call Statistics Reports

  • HR – Company Policy is now added as a customizable template

  • HR – Automatic save of grid layout added in Employee’s overview and the possibility to toggle visible columns

  • And many more

To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog.