Totalview 2017 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce Totalview 2017, the newest edition of our powerful business management suite. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Advanced statistics to improve efficiency

  2. An outstanding mobile experience

  3. Improved time balance transfers

  4. Call group queue statistics (3CX only)

  5. IPv6 support

  6. Added language support

    To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log.

1. Advanced Statistics To Improve Efficiency

We greatly enhanced the statistics in Totalview, to provide you with everything you need to optimize your organizational efficiency.

Work Specification Reports

With our brand-new project work statistics, you can analyze work over time, by staff or by division. Using this information, you can know exactly what company time was spent on and make better estimates in the future.


Call Statistics Comparisons

With a brand-new makeover, Totalview’s improved call statistics allow you to dig even deeper into your company’s telephony patterns. Besides analyzing key metrics such as call load, answering ratios and waiting times, you are now able to carry out comparisons across timespans or divisions, allowing you to optimize your customer service.


3CX Call Statistics

Totalview Web Reports now provide support for 3CX based PBX systems. Its real-time reporting will help you identify call load peaks and show how well your employees are handling customer calls.

2. An Outstanding Mobile User Experience

We have upgraded the search and filter functionalities in the Totalview Smart Clients, saving you time and effort when searching for the person with the right expertise, as well implemented the possibility to start appointments ahead of time.


View custom field details

You are now able to view specific details about colleagues in your smart client, such as capabilities or divisions, all based on the powerful custom field setting in Totalview.

Search and filter by custom field values

In order to help find the right colleagues with the right expertise faster, you can filter and search by custom field values.

Start appointment now

With the Totalview Smart Clients you now get the possibility of starting appointments at any given time from anywhere, giving you more control over your calendar management.

3. Improved Time Balance Transfers

The newest edition of Totalview Time features the possibility of adding, moving and changing account balances more easily, making employee time management a breeze.


4. Call Group Queue Statistics (3CX only)

The new release offers call group queue statistics, so you can monitor your customer service in real time. The PC client features a compact view and a detail window, which includes the following measures: number of waiting calls, available members, logged in members, longest waiting times, current calls and servicing calls. (Note: This feature is only available for users with a 3CX based PBI system.)


5. IPv6 Support

Totalview is up to date when it comes to current internet standards, including the support of IP version 6.

6. Added Language Support

Totalview is now available in English, Danish, Norwegian and Faroese.

Download Totalview 2017 now

To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog.