Totalview 2020 SP2 Release Notes

We are proud to announce Totalview 2020 SP2. It is packed with exciting new features that we cannot wait to share with you.

  1. Teams Integration For Smart Clients

  2. Filter & Sort State List

  3. Support for Broadworks Version 24

  4. Graph API Integration

  5. Phonetic Search For Desktop

  6. And many more

    To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log.

1. Teams Integration For Smart Clients

Since accurate availability information is more important than ever, we greatly enhanced the contact capabilities in Totalview Smart Clients to include Microsoft Teams functionalities, such as Teams presence and Teams client integration.


See Teams Presence For Contacts

Always know if your colleagues are available on Teams, by seeing their presence information directly in the contact list.


Start Teams Client From Contacts

You can now start the Microsoft Teams client directly, while viewing contact details of a colleague in the Totalview Smart Client.

2. Filter & Sort State List

To ensure that users are only presented with relevant information when using the Totalview Smart Client, it is now possible to customize the list of states in the My State view, including both visibility and order.


3. Support for Broadworks Version 24

Totalview is now officially compatible with the latest version (v24) of the popular PBX system Broadworks from Cisco. It supports all existing telephony features, such as net-based call control, queue management and call center functionalities.


4. Graph API Integration

In our effort to stay up to date with latest technologies, we are announcing a brand new integration with Graph API for Microsoft Office 365. This shift will have a major impact on both, overall application security, and performance improvements for calendar and mail synchronisation.


5. Phonetic Search For Desktop

For large organisations, with hundreds of employees, finding the right colleagues by name can be challenging. The release of Totalview introduces a new powerful way of searching. You can now find people easier using phonetic search, where phrases do not need to be matched exactly but are approximated.


6. More Exciting Features

  • Icelandic language support

  • HR – Custom field values for multiple users

  • HR – Export upcoming events, items to return and qualifications to Excel

  • Better license support for Broadworks (Totalview now supports basic, standard and premium call center offerings)

  • 3CX test tool and the Totalview3CX connector moved to .NET Core and now support 3CX version 16.0.6 and newer

  • Time client is now able to show total sums for time account of all loaded users

  • Totalview Time client now supports deletion of multiple time account regulations in one click

  • Optimized network access for iPhone

  • Show/hide user list in Switchboard

  • Shortcuts to Time and HR in Desktop Client

  • 3Mobil phone presence

  • phone number lookup

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To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog.