Totalview 2019 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce Totalview 2019, the newest version of our telephony and business management suite, with many exciting new features:

  1. Avaya IP Office integration

  2. Smart Clients localization

  3. TLS support

  4. 3CX v16 upgrade

  5. More exciting features

    To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log.

1. Totalview For Avaya IP Office Is Here

With our newest release, Totalview 2019, we are proud to announce official support for Avaya IP Office. Totalview can be fully integrated with the popular PBX solution from Avaya in terms of call handling, queue control and call group management.


2. Totalview In Every Language

Totalview Smart Client users will be excited to hear that both our Android and iPhone applications now offer language selection in English, Danish and Faroese.


3. Send Data Securely With TLS

In order to provide users with stronger connection security, Totalview is now using TLS (Transport Layer Security) by default to encrypt any data send from and to Totalview.

4. Totalview Support For 3CX v16

Totalview is now compatible with the latest version (v16) of the 3CX PBX system. It supports all existing telephony features, such as call control, queue management and call group functionalities.


5. More Exciting Features

Improved Database Performance
We have made significant improvements to database operations to optimize the performance of your Totalview experience.
Search and Filter for Work and Jobs
The Work and Jobs overview page in the Totalview Reports allows users now to search for specific jobs and filter them.
Additional Graphs in Totalview Reports
We have added additional charts to the Answered/Unsanswered Calls section, allowing users to see the distribution of transferred calls.
Wallboard Sorting Enhancements
The Totalview Wallboard is now more powerful than ever featuring the ability to sort members by device id, name and more.
PC Client Optimizations
We implemented local image caching, language selection, and the ability to configure start up settings more easily in the newest PC Client.
Improved Logging Configuration
The MobileWeb Connector now uses NLog framework, making it easier to change the logging level.
Server optimizations
We also made significant changes to the Totalview Server, such as loading appointment data on demand, better connection management and more.
Totalview HR Wage Connector settings
Among other improvements, HR wage connectors now have the option to “Only Synchronize Active People”.
3CX MakeCall changed
MakeCall functionality has been changed to avoid having hold music played until call is answered.
Depending on the device capabilities the call will be initiated using uaCSTA, 3CXDirectCallControl (for 3CX clients) or using the 3CX MakeCall service.

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To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog.