Totalview 2018 SP1 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce Totalview 2018 SP1, the latest edition of our business management suite. It is packed with exciting new features:

  1. Monitor Live Statistics On The Totalview Wallboard

  2. Synchronize Totalview contacts into phonebook

  3. HR Recruitment improvements

  4. More powerful AD Integration

  5. Extended call group details in Desktop Client

  6. Data Dump: Keep your data in a safe place

  7. Have control over personal data

  8. Broadworks Hey Connector added

    To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log.

1. Monitor Live Statistics On The Totalview Wallboard

Companies that operate small or medium-sized call groups can now enjoy the Totalview Wallboard. It features live data for key performance indicators, such as number of calls in queue, average waiting time, percentage of calls answered and more. It is available for both, Broadworks call groups and 3CX queues.

*Please note that call group functionalitites in Totalview are only available for customers using 3CX and Broadworks. Unify is not supported.

There are three views available for the Totalview Wallboard: All call groups, single call group with member details and singe call group without member details.

../../_images/multiple.png ../../_images/Single-w-agents.png ../../_images/Single-wo-agents.png

2.Synchronize Totalview Contacts into Phonebook

Smartphone users are now able to synchronize Totalview contacts with their local phonebook by the press of a button. The option can be found in the settings.


3. HR Recruitment Improvements

We made significant improvements to our powerful recruitment application. Users can now attach additional files to any application directly in the Applicant view:


Additionally, all waiting approvals for a user will now appear in a dedicated section on the My Overview page:


4. More Powerful AD Integration

We have also added the possibility to map multiple AD properties into single Totalview fields, e.g. adding phone numbers from multiple AD properties into the Totalview contact info fields. Additionally, it allows for mapping to a Totalview custom field, e.g. setting a user’s division field based on a corresponding AD property.


5. Extended Call Group Details in Desktop Client

We have enhanced the call group details view of the Desktop Client in three ways. Users can now
– filter to show only logged in/out users
– resize column sections
– view answered and lost calls since the last statistics reset

6. Data Dump: Keep Your Data in a Safe Place

Totalview is now able to store current state information of your organization in an external location at regular intervals. In case of an emergency, when access to the local Totalview installation is unavailable, this provides information over all people regarding their last state registrations.


7. Have Control over Personal Data

In light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in 2018, we added the possibility to delete all traces of information of a user that can be linked to a person. The script can be found in the Totalview documentation at

8. Added Broadworks Hey connector

In order to provide more people with access to Totalview, we officially added a Broadworks connector for the Hey Telephony provider.

Download Totalview 2018 SP1 now

To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog. <change-log.html>_