Totalview 2020 SP1 Release Notes

Totalview 2020 SP1 is here, with exciting new features that we cannot wait to share with you.

  1. Microsoft Teams Presence Integration

  2. Microsoft Teams Actions

  3. Mouseover Hints for Basic Client

  4. More exciting features

    To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log.

1. Microsoft Teams Presence Integration*

Microsoft Teams, one of the most popular communication platforms on the market has come to Totalview. Users can now see presence information from Teams in the Basic Client, Switchboard and Receptionist Client.


* Totalview makes use of the Microsoft Graph REST API Beta which is still in development. It can therefore not be guaranteed that the functionalities mentioned here will work without problems in your setup.

2. Microsoft Teams Actions

In addition to presence, we integrated both, calling and messaging actions for Microsoft Teams, so it only takes a mouse click to start communicating with a colleague on Teams..

3. Mouseover Hints for Basic Client

As we are loading the Totalview Client with rich functionality and business critical information, we want to make sure that people are presented with an optimal user experience. That is why we included mouseover hints for presence icons and actions in the user list.

4. More Exciting Features

  • Added a Account/Payment Proxy Service to relay messages from insecure to secure connections

  • Device ID filtering for 3CX added. Filter devices and/or queues of interest

  • Send busy state if any phone number is busy

  • Totalview HR – Can now require a comment when checking check list items

  • Totalview HR – Added new trigger ‘Recurring’ for check lists

  • Totalview HR – Added new Task Type ‘Attach File’ for check list

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To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog.