Totalview 2017 SP1 Release Notes

We present Totalview 2017 SP1! We made some exciting improvements, that will greatly benefit your organizational workflow. Here are some highlights:

  1. Enhanced work specification reports

  2. Call group management (3CX & Broadworks only)

  3. Advanced call control with outbound caller id’s (3CX only)

  4. Google calendar integration

    To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the change log.

1. Enhanced Work Specification Reports

Our newly introduced work specification reports just got better with a dashboard and a detail window for single work items.

Work Specification Dashboard

To give users a quick and easy overview of their current work, we developed a dashboard for viewing how much time was spent by your employees in the last month, which employee or division worked the most and which project is currently taking up the most resources.


Work specification details for individual projects

Additionally, you can now get detailed insights for individual projects you are working on. This information includes the possibility to:

  • see the amount of work spent over a time period

  • view subactivities and their respective time effort

  • analyze divisions and their contributions

  • identify which employee worked the most

  • see distribution of state registrations for the given project

2. Call Group Management (3CX & Broadworks)

For users who want to make sure that their customer service resources are properly utilized, they can now use the upgraded call group functionality in the Totalview PC client. (Note: these features are currently only available for customers with 3CX and Broadworks)

Call Group Queue Statistics for Receptionists

Apart from regular users, Totalview 2017 SP1 features call group queue statistics for receptionists, allowing them to monitor member participation and incoming calls in real time.

Call Group sign in / out

Call group members are now able to sign in and out using the Totalview PC Client interface.

3. Advanced Call Control with Outbound Caller Id’s (3CX only)

While Totalview has always been extremely powerful in regard to incoming calls and forwarding, we wanted to provide more control over outgoing call management. For that reason, we worked hard to give users the possibility to set their outbound caller id’s. This feature is now available for 3CX users in the PC Client, the doorway client as well as the smart clients.

In principle, there are three main ways to use outbound caller id’s in Totalview 2017:

  • changing the outbound caller id globally in the settings

  • setting the outbound caller id when registering a new state

  • attaching it to a new calendar appointment

When using this functionality, users can choose between a number of options, such as hiding the caller id, switching to work or mobile numbers, or selecting a number from a predefined template.

4. Google Calendar Integration

Totalview calendar synchronization is now compatible with Google Calendar, giving you more freedom to work with the application of your choice without sacrificing flexibility.

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To see a more comprehensive list of added features, modifications and fixes, please view the changelog.