Phone Book

The phonebook enables the user to search for a number or name and to make a call to numbers in the result list.

As default, only Switchboard and Receptionist users have rights to modify entries in the Phonebook by using the Add, Change and Delete buttons. In Admin.ServerSettings you can enable “Client modification Allowed” to allow all users to add, change and delete entries in the phonebook.

Press F7 or click Phonebook in the toolbar and the Phonebook dialog appears

  • Enter a name or number and select Find (return/enter).

  • Highlight the right user in the result list, and Send SMS to the user or Call the user.

  • Send an SMS by clicking Send SMS (Alt + S). Call the number by clicking Call (Alt + C).

  • Modify entries in the Phone book by using the Add, Change and Delete buttons.

  • Highlight a user in the result list, and click the Select button (Alt + E) to mark the user’s number as target number. If it is done from the switchboard, the user’s number is copied to the “Number field” and you can use the functions like transfer, call and consult.

For registered phonebook info to be visible in Totalview, when receiving or making a call, the registered phonenumber must start with +contrycode, and can not contain any space.