Konnekta Connector Troubleshooting

For configuring Konnekta connector parameters in Totalview Administration go to Konnekta Parameters page.

Not able to do call control for a user

First, if the user has just been created in Konnekta, he will not be detected in Konnekta, before doing telephony action with a connected device.

Try making a call with the user’s device and try again to make call control action in Totalview.

Second, check that the user’s phone number is correctly registered in Totalview. There are certain rules about which number must be registered in Totalview and which type.

To do call control the Totalview device type must be Local.

See Konnekta Suggested PBX Setup for which number should be registered in Totalview.

Third, restart connector and search for the startup log message containing text LogMonitoredNumberList. This message lists the users and their numbers in Totalview.

Fourth, for Konnekta to be able to do call control, the user must be registered with permission “Enable Cloud CTI API”, in Konnekta.

Not able to see mobile state for user

If user has mobile as primary line, then the mobile number must be registered with type Local in Totalview.

If user has mobile as secondary line, then the mobile number must be registered with type Mobile in Totalview.

Not able to see call group statistics

For call group statistics to work, the Konnekta platform must be version 5.5.6 or newer.

The service account user must have the scope “Queue stats”.

The call group must have check in checkbox Enable advanced business analytics monitoring, under the Function Number configuration. If you don’t have this checkbox in settings, then Konnekta organization is probably missing Advanced Business Monitoring license.

Call group total calls gets reset or stagnates

Under function number settings called For how long of a time span should statistics be shown (in minutes).

This parameter controls how large the time window for counting total calls is.

Suggested value for call groups open during normal working hours is 600.

Numbers of calls in queue in call group not updated immediately

The calls in queue statistics is probed every 10 seconds, and will stay that way for the entire 10 second period, until probed again.

This means that it is not an exact real-time indicator.

Not possible to log in or out of call groups

First verify that this is limited to call group login/out by testing other telephony features.

If only call group login/out is not working, then the problem is usually related to the Konnekta CDR events.

Try restarting the connector. This will trigger the CRD webhook to be re-registered.

If that doesn’t help, try making a browser request directly to the address registered as Webhook in Totalview admin, from within the Konnekta user node. The browser should show “400” text.

If browser does not show 400, then there is some connectivity or configuration issue which should be taken up with the network administration division.