How to register a BUG

When registering a BUG to Totalview Support the report, as minimum, should include “Steps to reproduce”, necessary log files, version info and relevant 3rd party setup info.

It should be clear for the Support what the problem is and how to reproduce.

Steps to reproduce

Describe the steps taken to reproduce the issue.
How often does the problem occur, and can the problem be reproduced repeatedly.
Totalview support must be able to reproduce it following these steps.


  1. Navigate to the registration page

  2. Type root in username

  3. Type 1234 in password

  4. Click on the Register button

Expected result.
What should happen when you complete the process? e.g. I should have been redirected to the thank you page.
Actual result.
What really happened? e.g. The registration page is displayed again.

Additional information

Images and screenshots are welcome if they help with understanding the problem.

Add relevant log files and information.
E.g., In case of telephone problem add TotalviewServer log and Totalview<pbx>.log
Add relevant Totalview versions.
E.g., TotalviewServer version, Smart client version etc.
Add 3rd party setup that might have influence on the problem.
E.g., In One-Connect describe the call plan for the call that has problems.

When registering telephony problems

A short description of the problem.

Steps to reproduce.

Time of test, deviceids, local numbers, mobile/teams number involved.

Device type used, pbx type.

Totalview<pbx> and TotalviewServer log files.

In the case of smart client BUG then add TotalviewWCF log file.