Work and StaffΒΆ

With Work and Staff, the administrator can see how much time each employee has spent on a job in a specific time interval. Select time interval by clicking the date time picker and select from predefined intervals, such as This week, previous week, this month etc.


As default the overview is grouped by staff. Another option is to group by Jobs by selecting from the Group by dropdown


The administrator has the option to compare different jobs to see how much time was spent on each of the jobs.


By selecting the appropriate jobs and clicking the Show button, you will see how much time each employee spent on these jobs in the selected time interval. In the example below, we compare Administration and Programming.


As default, the jobs are stacked in the overview.


Furthermore, it is possible to click e.g. Programming to see specifically what have we been programming. In the example below, we see that Totalview is the software we have spent time on in the specific time interval.


On every page, the user has the option to save data as PDF or Excel.