Phone Statistics

If the user has permission to see the Phone statistics, the menu item in the top left corner will be active.


Phone statistics is divided into three main categories: Customer Call Service, Internal Call Service and All Call Services.

Customer Call Service shows how your company is handling customer calls. Internal Call Service shows how your company is handling calls between staff members. All Call Services shows the call load (both incoming and outgoing calls and internal and external) on your human resources and the service your human resources are providing both to customers and internally.

Each main category is divided into three subjects: Call Load, Answered and Unanswered calls and Waiting time. Call Load refers to the load on your organization from customer calls and internal calls. Answered and Unanswered calls refer to the number of calls the company has answered or not answered. Waiting time refers to time callers have to wait until the call is answered or hung up.

Telephony dashboard