Viewing Current State Information

At the top of the My State screen, you will find your current state settings, which shows the following information:

  1. The user’s name

  2. The user’s current state in color and text (If the current state contains an end time, this line will be appended with “Back in (n) minutes”)

  3. The message attached to the current state

  4. The user’s current location (only if set)

  5. The time of his last state registration, if no end time is set (In case of a state with an end time, it will show the time in the format [HH:MM]–[HH:MM])

  6. The Do Not Disturb and forwarding settings (only if set)

  7. The current Caller ID setting (only if using 3CX, One-Connect or Broadworks Mobility) or the Remote Office setting (only if using Broadworks)

  8. The current Work Specification (only if set)