Time Admin GraphAPI E-Mail Configuration

It is possible to use Exchange or Microsoft GraphAPI to send e-mails in Totalview Time.
This document describes how GraphAPI should be configured and security best practices.

Create Azure App Registration

Go to Azure Portal and create a new App Registration. Follow same steps as described on Exchange365 Security Settings: Azure App Registration for E-mail.


Open Time Admin and set the GRAPHAPI* configuration parameters under Setup->Settings.
Set the FROMADDRESS to an e-mail address that is in the same tenant as the azure app registration is in.
Also set TESTTOADDRESS parameter to an e-mail address that you have access to, so you can test without involving others.
Restart Time Server.
Open Time Client.
Log in as a user that does not have permission to “approve self”.
Create a change request and send it to the user’s manager.
Verify that you receive an e-mail with the details about the change request.
Remove value from TESTTOADDRESS property and restart Time Server.