HTTPS Wage Connector Configuration

  1. Find the correct certificate thumbprint to use. The thumbprint can be found in ‘Manage Computer Certificate’ or by running this command in PowerShell as admin

Get-ChildItem Cert:\LocalMachine\My
  1. Stop the Wage Connector

  2. Open the wage connector config and follow the comments in the file to enable/disable HTTPS. It is strongly recommened to set a new API key.

  3. Bind the certificate to the port used by running this command in PowerShell as admin. Replace $wageport with the port used in the wage connector config and the $thumbprint with the certificate thumbprint

netsh http add sslcert ipport="$wageport" certhash="$thumbprint" appid="{61628765-b660-4d26-99d0-74b1bc9e7a9d}"
  1. You can remove the certificate by running this command

netsh http del sslcert ipport="$wageport"
  1. Re-Start the wage connector

  2. Open Totalview HR and update the WageConnector tasks and set the connection to HTTPS and set the correct API key