External Get Users

Endpoint URL

[GET] https://[address]:[port]/rest/ExternalGetUsers


Configure The API Key

  1. Open Totalview Admin

  2. Open the Connectors Overview

  3. Find the WCF Connector

  4. At the bottom there is now ExternalUsageAPI

  5. Press the Generate button and then Save at the top

Calling The Endpoint

There is one optional parameter you need to specify:

  • Fields - note this field is optional, when passed it is handled as a CSV separated by ,

  • x-api-key - This is the API key you generated in Totalview Admin

Finding The Custom Field Name

  1. Open Totalview Admin

  2. Navigate to the custom fields view

  3. Click on any of the custom fields

    • The Custom Field name is the first field called Name

Note: Only custom fields marked as Visible in client will be usable

Example Calling The Endpoint Via cURL

curl --location --request GET 'https://[address]:[port]/rest/ExternalGetUsers?fields=Deildir' \
--header 'x-api-key: APIKEY' \
--data-raw ''

Example result

    "ExternalGetUsersResult": [
            "CustomFields": [
                    "Caption": "Deildir",
                    "UseAsDivision": true,
                    "Values": [
            "FirstName": "Tina",
            "FullName": "Tina White",
            "LastName": "White",
            "LocalNumber": "+298344000",
            "MobileNumber": "+298344000",
            "UserID": "TW"