IPOffice parameters

TotalviewIPOffice connectors connect to Avaya IPOffice systems and monitors devices as well as sending device, group and call control commands to the system.
The TotalviewIPOffice connector connects to IPOffice using “IPOffice CTI Web Services” that communicates with One-x Portal and “IPOffice Management API” that communicates with the Avaya IPOffice management server.
The TotalviewIPOffice connector receives events from One-X Portal using web sockets.

For the TotalviewIPOffice to be able to communicate with IPOffice, a service user (application user) with One-X CTI API rights and Management API read/write rights must be created on the IPOffice system.
Since IPOffice version the service user must also have the WebServices.ConfigWriteAll for Groups rights.
Server address
DNS or IP of the One-X Portal service.
OneX Port
The One-X Portal service port to use. Default is 9443.
Management Port
The IPOffice management service port to use. Default is 7070
IPOffice service user
Username of the service use with the One-X CTI API and Management API user rights assigned.
The IPOffice service user password
Application version
Current IPOffice application version.
International prefix
Usually 00. For example 0045xxxx Denmark and 00298xxxx Faroe Islands.
International code
Country code. For example 45 for Denmark and 298 for Faroe Islands
Local start/end
Fill in the first and last local number in the connected IPOffice system. All numbers that are not in the interval are treated as external numbers
Incoming Trunk Code
Depending on the PBX setup, external incoming A-numbers may or may not have a preceding digit (usually 0). If this is the case, this digit should be defined here so that the incoming numbers can be interpreted correctly
Outgoing Trunk Code The trunk code required for external calls.

Behavior configuration

Group filter Add a filter to only see groups of interest. If empty then no filtering is added.
It’s possible to add an interval of group id’s or individual id’s, e.g. 4000,4010-4020



Last edited on October 8th, 2020