OpenScape Office connector

The OpenScape Office (OSO) connector enables synchronization of user presence from OSO to Totalview. When users change their presence in OSO, the presence will be synchronized and the users current state in Totalview will be set accordingly.

The mapping between OpenScape Office presence and Totalview states are set in the OSO connector.

Before you start

Use the Totalview3OsoTest application to test the connection to OpenScape Office. You need a web user account on OpenScape Office to be able to login.

The following rules apply when using the OSO connector

  • Only users with OSO user id defined in Users will by synchronized.
  • If no mapping exists between the OSO presence and the Totalview state, then the presence will not be synchronized.
  • The synchronization is one way. Presence changes made in OSO will be synchronized with Totalview, but state changes in Totalview made by e.g. the switchbard will not be synchronized with OSO.


OSO connector parameters

The OSO web service address in the format http://IP:port. The port defaults to 8801
Username of the query user with access to the OSO web service
Password for the query user
Polling interval
Interval in milli seconds between each polling. The polling checks for changes in the OSO presence.
State settings
Mapping between OSO presence and Totalview templates.

Last edited on September 14th, 2018