The LinkMobility is of the SMS Service Type, this service enables Totalview to send SMS messages.

LinkMobility Support will provide you with the following information:

  • Username, Password, Platform Parrent ID, Platform ID, Gate ID.

Request URI should be set to “”

Sender information is the string that is shown as “From” on sms messages. It can be any text within 2-11 character range.
If “use default mobile as sender” is checked the users default mobile number is used as “From”.
If the users mobile number is unavailable the “Default sender information” is used.

International Prefix: Default prefix to add to receiver  number where international code is missing. LinkMobility requires that receiver numbers are fully qualified, i.e. +<int-code>number.


Using this feature to impersonate other parties will lead to a termination of your LinkMobility account
Last edited on January 20th, 2020