Lotus Notes parameters

The Lotus Notes connector monitors listed users and notifies Totalview when changes happen in a user’s appointments list. The connector also sends create, update and delete commands from Totalview to the Lotus Notes Domino server.

Specific Lotus Notes issues

Using service credentials. It is not possible to use service credentials when using the Lotus Notes connector. Username and password must be passed from the Totalview server.

Recurring appointments. When handling recurring appointments, Lotus Notes only creates one appointment and lets the rules for the recurring appointments be stored in this one appointment. Currently the CC only looks for appointments created within the last 12 months. That means that if a recurring appointment is created more that 12 months ago, it will not be synchronized with Totalview.

Query user rights. Lotus Notes calendar users must grant the query user access to their calendar folder. There is no global setting allowing the query user access to other users’ calendar folders.

Before you start

The Lotus Notes connector uses the Lotus Notes client API to query information from the user’s calendar folder. To be able to query the user, the Lotus Notes client must be installed on the same machine as the Lotus Notes connector and a user must be created with rights to query user’s calendars.

Lotus Notes IP address
This is the IP address of the IBM Lotus Domino server.
Query user with access to the attached users’ calendars
Password for user with access to all calendars. The password can be saved scrambled or unscrambled. If scrambled then the Scrambled property must be set to true. Use the “Totalview Password Scrambler” to scramble the password (located in the InstallFiles folder)
The password can be saved scrambled in the TV3 server. Set the checkmark if the password is scrambled. Use the program “Totalview Password Scrambler” located in the InstallFiles folder to scramble the passwords.
Recurring days ahead
How many days forward, should recurring appointments from Lotus Notes be shown in Totalview. This is necessary to be able to limit the number of recurring appointments retrieved from Lotus Notes
Ignore char When synchronizing, appointments with subject starting with the ignore char are ignored and not shown in Totalview. The default value is *.
If the ignore char is changed, the connector must be restarted to apply the new rule.
Busy template
Select the template to use for Busy Lotus Notes appointments. Appointments with state Busy in Lotus Notes are mapped to this template when retrieved and shown in Totalview. If the Busy template is changed, the Lotus Notes connector must be restarted to apply the new template
Categories Mappings
Specify mappings between states and categories. For more information See: Notes categories synchronization
If forwarding rules have influence on the phone settings of synchronized appointments, and the forwarding rules changes, then the Exchange/Lotus Notes connector must be restarted to apply the new phone settings.

Last edited on September 14th, 2018