Google Calendar parameters

The GoogleCalendar connector monitors listed users and notifies Totalview when changes happen in a user’s appointments list. The connector also sends create, update and delete commands from Totalview to Google Calendar.


Before you start

The GoogleCalendar connector uses the GoogleCalendar API and service credentials to access the users’ calendar folder. Details on setting up the service credentials can be found in “Google Calendar settings“.

Account name The name of the create GoogleCalendar service application.
Certificate filename
The name of the GoogleCalendar service certificate. If the path to the file is not included, the certificate must be located in the same folder as the TotalviewGoogleCalendar executable.
Password for the GoogleCalendar service certificate.
Initial user
An initial user used to the the access to Google Calendar.
Recurring days ahead
How many days forward, should recurring appointments from Google Calendar be shown in Totalview. This is necessary to be able to limit the number of recurring appointments retrieved from Google Calendar
Busy template
Select the template to use for Google Calendar appointments. Appointments in Google Calendar are mapped to this template when retrieved and shown in Totalview. If the template is changed, the Google Calendar connector must be restarted to apply the new template
 Ignore char When synchronizing, appointments with subject starting with the ignore char are ignored and not shown in Totalview. The default value is *.
If the ignore char is changed, the connector must be restarted to apply the new rule.
If forwarding rules have influence on the phone settings of synchronized appointments, and the forwarding rules changes, then the GoogleCalendar connector must be restarted to apply the new phone settings.
Last edited on September 14th, 2018